Mobile Locksmith

Have there been instances when you were so busy that you couldn’t find the time to visit a locksmith? Gone are the days when you had to take faulty locks, safes and burglar alarm systems to a locksmith to get them repaired.  Now, you don’t even have to worry about bolts and screws, and transporting huge equipment from your home to a repair shop, because mobile locksmiths are always available to look into your every need. They bring their equipment to your residence or business premises; so, you don’t have to worry about having the right tools at your location. And since mobile locksmiths in Melbourne work 24/7, they are able to attend to emergencies and locked out situations at any time of the day, and even night.

Mobile locksmiths offer a number of services, including fixing burglar alarm systems, restricted key systems and safes, rekeying, and lock repairs.

Burglar alarm systems

Security plays an important role in our lives and having a faulty burglar alarm is definitely nerve-wracking. To improve the security of your home and business premises, mobile locksmiths ensure that burglar alarm systems have sufficient battery power in case of power failures. In addition, they ensure that these alarm systems alert an individual, so once the alarm is triggered, the relevant security personnel are notified. Mobile locksmiths also have the expertise in fixing infra-red motion detectors that can also trigger the burglar alarm system. Mobile locksmiths will be happy to fix your security cameras and CCTVs too.

Restricted key systems

We understand that it is difficult to change locks and distribute new keys to existing employees once an employee leaves a firm. Today, many employees make duplicate copies of office keys and it is difficult to keep track of their usage. So, we suggest you opt for restricted key systems, where duplicates of keys cannot be made without your consent. Now, you can have complete peace of mind, knowing exactly who has access to the keys. Restricted key systems are computerized, and contain both current and previous records of all the keys. This allows you to keep track of people who are entering and leaving the premises at all times.


There are many kinds of safes in the market, including fire safes, fireproof filing cabinets, and security safes.  And since safes are bolted down and hidden in discrete places, it may be close to impossible for you to dismantle the safe and take it to a locksmith nearby. So, mobile locksmiths make your life easier by doing dismantling, if needed, and repairing the safe for maximum protection of your valuable assets.

Rekeying & Lock repairs

Did you recently move into a new house or a new office? If so, how sure are you that no one, apart from yourself, has copies of your keys? Instead of waiting for a calamity to happen, it is better to take precautions by rekeying locks in residential and business premises. Mobile locksmiths also have the capability of repairing heavy duty padlocks and deadlocks, as well as fire-rated security locks.

We uphold the highest standard of quality and guarantee the most efficient locksmith service at an affordable price. So, call our friendly customer service representatives today and bid your security woes goodbye.