Locksmith Northcote

Locksmith Northcote

The Locksmith service at Northcote is a 24 hour service provider. It is efficient and affordable. It has 15 years of experience in security lock services. It is very prompt in its action. It has competent employers who believe in customer satisfaction. It is involved in providing the following services-

Repairing of locks – The Northcote Locksmith protects your house from theft and vandalism when your locks have lost their life. With time and prolonged use locks tend to weather and ultimately become non usable. In such conditions, it might be a threat to your home and office. The Northcote Locksmith installs as well as repair locks efficiently.

Security door locks – Locksmith Northcote service gives full security to your home and office by maintaining and increasing the integrity of the current locking system.

Garage locking services – Northcote Locksmith secures your garage with advanced locking mechanism as the garage is an important part of the household. The workers are efficient enough to work with any size of garage door and locking mechanism.

Fire escape locks – According to law, there should be fire escape systems in any public place. Construction of special fire exit doors is necessary for any building to get a legal approval. Northcote Locksmith provides fire escape lock fitting service.

Filling cabinet keys – Northcote Locksmith offers a variety of filling cabinet keys that are used for either replacing or duplicating the existing set of keys.

Deadlocks fitting service – Locksmith Northcote is one of the most well known companies that ensures security to your home and place of business with deadlocks fitting services according to the legislation and national law. It offers single, double as well as vertical deadlock installation services.

Patio bolt and fitting service – This is meant to withstand heavy amount of force, and is available in different shapes, sizes, colours and materials.

Electronic security – The electronic security measures that the Northcote Locksmith installs and maintains are CCTV, intercom, alarm, magnetic locks, swipe card locking system and electronic door openers.

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