Commercial Security

Commercial Security

Just as thieves have routinely been targeting the homes of their victims for generations – commercial robbery has too become an integrated part of the society we live in.

Places of business, at least those lacking adequate security systems, are somewhat ideal for a certain breed of thief. As most are closed overnight and left unmanned for as long as 15 hours at a time, they are extremely susceptible to consistent targeting by thief and vandal alike and as a result should be made as secure as possible.

Express Locksmiths offer a detailed consultation service for business owners across Melbourne and beyond, and strive to do all we can to make sure your livelihood remains unspoiled by the greed and opportunism of others.

With 15 years of field experience, our team is on-hand 24/7 to advise and direct your security preferences so that you can continue business as usual without having the constant worry of a robbery at the back of your mind.

We can be with you within just half an hour after your call, on-site to inspect your existing system and suggest any upgrades, repairs, door replacements we feel may help aid your commercial security- and are of course within your respective budget.